- The Client hereby undertakes to fill in all the required data on the form accessible on the company’s webpage.These data include information about the client such as the account number of the Client at the Company,and the mobile telephone number of the Client.Such data should correspond with the data previously registered with the Company.

 - The Client also undertakes to furnish the Company with any additional data that it may require from time to time,

 within five (5) days of the receipt of a written notification to that effect by the Company.


- The Client also undertakes to notify the Company immediately of either the loss of any of the data entry on the online trading system or any of the database coming to the knowledge of any third party. The other party be responsible, at the time of notification,for any damage that may occur to himself as a result.

- The information the Client uses to access the Company’s website on the Internet and the secret number relating to Online Trading are confidential. The Client shall ensure that this information is not accessible to third parties and shall be fully responsible for such information in the event any such person(s) gained access to it, even mistakenly. The Client shall also be responsible for any damage that may occur to himself as a result. The Company shall not be responsible for any manipulation or error resulting from the loss of such information or its usage by a third party.

- the Client shall be responsible to notify the Company in the event either Username or Password pertaining to his account is lost or stolen immediately in writing, otherwise the Company shall not be liable foray orders or instructions received via the Client’s account on the Online Trading System. The Client shall incur all financial consequences resulting therefrom without any liability on the part of the Company whatsoever.

  -  The Company shall have the right to – without any liability on the Company- , as long as its Online Trading services are accessed using the Client’s username and transaction execution password, treat any instructions it receives from the Client through the Online

 Trading system as being sent from the Client himself .The Company shall abide by such instructions within the boundaries of the capacity stipulated on the use of Online Trading by the Client or the Company or the EFSA.

- The Client undertakes to keep his username and password confidential, and ensure that they are only used by himself or by parties legally authorized to do so.

- The Client shall be solely responsible for the instructions sent through his Online Trading account; This  includes responsibility for any mistakes or omissions or any repetition of such instructions.

- The Company or any of its delegated parties shall have the right to assume that all the Orders  sent by the Client are without error, and the Company or any of its delegated parties may work according to such orders if they contain sufficient information for the Company or any of its  delegated parties to start the execution of such an order as long as it is within the scope of the capacity
 of the Client and the Client has an account that covers all the charges that will be incurred to carry it out in addition to the Company’s Commission.

- The Client hereby acknowledges being aware that in certain market conditions, it may be difficult or impossible for the Company to settle or dissolute the Client’s portfolio.

- client hereby undertakes and accepts all risks associated with internet usage related to the execution of brokerage operations such risks include , but are not limited to the following:

1. Third-party interference in the communication, which may include the interception and fraudulent sending of messages, and any interference by impersonators such as internet hackers.

2. Insertion of programs and systems by third parties, including viruses and spam bots.

3. Failure of the communication network, including any interruption or delay that may lead to the delay or non-timely execution of brokerage operations.

4. Internal amendments by the employees of the Client,made using the personal computer of the Client (in the event the Client is a corporation), or by any other delegated user (in all instances).

5. Negligence in the handling of sensitive data by persons using the computer(s) of the Client, whether this data was stored on such computer(s) or was printed or extracted there from in any other way.

6.possibility of interference with the coding systems by force or by any other means of attack.

7. any other risks resulting from internet usage.