Egypt's transportation sector hit EGP 35 billion of investments in Giza FY 23/2024
4/3/2024 2:10:44 PM

Egypt's Ministry of Planning and Economic Development stated that investments worth EGP 35 billion were directed to the transportation sector of Giza in the 2024/23 plan, at a rate of 42%, followed by the housing sector at a value of EGP 32 billion, at a rate of 39%, and investments in the higher education sector amounted to EGP 5.6 billion, at a rate of 7%. The antiquities sector amounted to EGP 2.5 billion, or 3%, and the pre-university education sector amounted to EGP 464.8 million, or 1%. As for the other sectors, investments worth 6.9 billion pounds, or 8%, are in addition to the projects directed through the Egyptian Rural Development Project "Decent life".

The report stated that the number of villages targeted by the first phase of the “Decent Life” initiative in Giza is 42 villages, and the number of beneficiaries is 801 thousand people, of whom the proportion of women is 48%.

The initiative’s projects, which achieve all sustainable development goals, include the construction of 124 residential buildings for families in need of care. 6 social units, 11 agricultural services complexes, 16 ambulance points, 37 health units, 2,550 classrooms, 86 schools, 3 family development centers, a rehabilitation center, 5 drinking water plants, 42 sanitation projects, 6 treatment plants, 42 network towers with Mobile fiber optic network connection, 43 youth centers, 11 government services complexes, 34 post offices, 6 police points, 2 fire stations, in addition to 44 canal rehabilitation and lining projects with a length of (95 km), 46 main and internal road paving projects with a length of 210 km, Construction of an irrigation bridge, 7 markets, 8 parking lots, 42 electricity projects, connecting to the natural gas network.

The report indicated that the number of development projects in the governorate reached 586 projects, and that the value of public investments directed to Giza Governorate in the 2023/2024 plan amounts to EGP 82.7 billion, an 8.8% increase over the 22/2023 plan.