Subscription Re-open Number (1) of Treasury Bonds 26 January2036 (Primary Dealers)
2/23/2021 3:08:36 PM
According to the letter received from the CBE & MCDR on '2021'-02'-23, including their approval to list the increase of Treasury Bonds 26 January2036 with an additional EGP 1,000,000,000 representing the subscription re-open no (1) of Treasury Bonds 26 January2036, to reach EGP 1,658,750,000 (distributed over 1,658,750 bonds at a par value of EGP 1000), with a fixed rate of 15.276% annually to be paid once per year in 26-Jan.
The above-mentioned increase will be added to EGX database & available for trading effective 2021/02/24 trading session.